Vegas Pool Repair - Your Las Vegas Area Expert!

Pool Repairs are part of owning a pool, they are inevitable!
When that happens Call an Expert!

Regardless of the type of pump you are having problems with, Vegas Pool Repair can have one of our trained technicians out to evaluate the problem and make all necessary pool pump repairs.

With such a wide variety of swimming pool pump manufacturers and models, it is important to Call An Expert to evaluate the problem and repair or replace any defective or non-working parts.

Whether you have a circulating pump, which moves water through your filtering system, or a booster pump that creates the jetting action in your spa, or any additional pumps that operate your swimming pool's features, you can depend on Vegas Pool Repair's trained technicians to have the knowledge and expertise to have you pool working like new in no time.

Here are some signs that you might be in need of a pool pump repair:

  • Loud whining noise
  • Working intermittently
  • Leaking or excessive calcium build up
  • Tripping the breaker
  • Loss of water flow

When making pool pump repairs and motor changes we always use manufacturer recommended parts. If the pools circulating pump can’t be repaired one of our trained technicians we can install a new pool pump in accordance with the proper application and regulations.

All our pool repair technicians are certified by the Clark County Health Department.